Boxycharm unboxing July!!

Hello my fellow makeup junkies!!

Today, I will be unboxing and reviewing products of July Boxycharm. For those who are not familiar with boxycharm, it’s a $21 monthly subscription box(can be cheaper if buy for 3,6 or 12 months) and you get 4-5 full size products which can include anything from skincare to brushes but mainly beauty products. This box typically values above 100$ usually.



This month’s boxycharm theme was  Cutiepie and we have variety of products for different parts of face. First off, there was a eyebrow pencil by WinkyLux in universal shade. This pencil applies very nicely and you do need to go with light hand to prevent it from coming out too harshly. This eyebrow pencil retails for 12$ on their site, great option if you’re looking for a good pencil at decent price. I love the packaging of this pencil which has Aztec like print which makes this product standout from the rest.

Next up is, ultra-matte lip by colourpop which retails for $6 on its site and I received color beeper. Beeper shows up as a medium brown shade for light to medium skinned tone people thus make it a shade that is Isa If you’re makeup junkie then you’re more than likely to be familiar with their products and how good they are!! I especially love love their eyeshadows, they’re so easy to apply and less fallout. Anyways, coming back to this matte liquid lipstick, it lasts for longtime, it’s not quite transferable proof especially after big meals you do need to re-apply, it does have slight stickyness which goes away after initial 10-15mins. Needless to say, I have been loving my lipstick for work or when I’m running errands, it has become my go to shade.

Third product in this box was BareMinerals Invisible Light  Translucent Powder duo, this is great compact palette to take with you for touch up for us oily girls. I was hesitant about this product and I wasn’t sure if this would really work. But this finley milled powder vanishes onto your skin once applied to your face and along with absorbing all the oil from face. Depending on level of oiliness you get, you might just get away with one touch. I haven’t had much time to play with glow side yet and couple of times that I have tried it didn’t impress me much unfortunately. This powder duo sells for $32 on BareMinerals site and matte powder itself pays for the price.


Now last two products are my absolute favorite in this month’s box, and one of them I didn’t except to become my favorite. That product is makeup setting Spray, Set, Go by Project Beauty. This product has replaced my HG UD all night setting spray!!! I spray this once before I apply and then once after I’m done applying my makeup, 6 pumps of mist is all I need in total. This product is great and I don’t even have to touch up most of the day except maybe after 8+ hrs shine starts to creep up to my skin and  I’m usually oily by lunch time. This product retails for $32 and it’s worth every penny; however I wished pump was bit better so it sprays out mist evenly. But I’m willing to ignore that for the quality of this product. Lastly, my most favorite product and that is Electric Eyes Palette by Blinc. There 5 highly pigmented shades to create jewel toned looks from shimmery gold to shimmery cranberry. Formula itself is very smooth and blend effortlessly onto your eyelids, you can use one shimmer shade to create a look or combine multiple shades for more complex eyelooks. This I believe was created specially for boxycharm by Blinc and this product retails for $45.


I absolutely love my boxycharm subscription and believe it’s a great investment for me as a makeup lover to explore new brands which I would not do so otherwise.  If you would like to subscribe using my referral code message me and I will send you link. I don’t get any money if you use my link just some charms(points). Or if you subscribe it this subscription, leave a comment below how you find your boxycharm to be and are you excited for August’s boxycharm. This is it for now until next time.


Lots of love,

Riya 😍


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