Graffiti Pop!!

Hi my fellow makeup junkies,

So today’s post is a special post, so I recently became part of influenster and received my first ever voxbox(box) to try it out for free in return for my honest review.  However, I was not paid or sponsored to write this blog, this is my totally unbiased review; y’all know I would keep it real. So now without further ado let’s get started!!



It’s actually been quite a few years since I used a drugstore eyeshadows because in my past experience they have been very powdery and chalky.  But I was,  actually quite surprised at the quality of these shadows! I received the mini palette called Graffiti Pop which was inspired from the energy NYC street which is reflected in bold colors with concrete greys. First thing, when I opened the pallet the metallic blue caught my eye. I was so inspired by it that I created the look around it and pictured below.


Now coming to the quality of palette, it is highly pigmented, buttery to touch and very easy to blend out the shades. Palette comes with total of 6 shades, 1 is highlighter, 1 shimmer shade, 1 base shade vs all over the lid color, 3 pop colors which you can use as all over the lid or inner corner to darken the outer crease and lastly 1 shimmer shade. The shimmer shade decently pigmented without applying fix plus or anything. However, would recommend using fix plus or other setting spray to bring out pop in colors. One con is that there is fallout of shades when applying so would recommend doing eyelook before doing face makeup to make as little mess as possible. Would highly recommend me this palette for people who are looking for a compact palette to travel with which they can use to create a daytime look and nighttime look. I can’t wait to try out the rest of city minis. Thanks influenster and maybelline for providing me this palette for free to test and provide my honest review.


PS. There are 7 more mini palettes inspired by NYC hence the name #CityMinis. They’re called Chill brunch neutrals, Urban Jungle, Rooftop bronzes, Matte about town, Concrete Runway, Downtown sunrise, Girls Night Glimmer.

PSS. If you would like to join influenster, click on my link below. I don’t get any kind of compensation if you signup using my link, just increase in my impact score which helps me to be considered for voxboxes. Feel free to message me if you need any information before you sign up. You should, you get to try out free makeup and other goodies!!



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