Give me all that GLOW!!!

Hi my fellow makeup junkies,

I’m back with review on another new product in beauty world. Before, I begin let me say I’m a big fan of highlighters and have many palettes but this one I’m reviewing today is special.  Without further a due; Today, I will be reviewing Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter PaletteI’m big fan of Huda Beauty in general for the quality of products and always pushing the box of makeup world to next step; which is exactly what she did with this highlighting palette. Just look at that holographic packaging and to the point, no frivlous step, just classy!!!watermarked-IMG_3044

Pretty sure, everybody by now knows, how there are 4 steps in this palette to create a 3D highlighter to give natural yet blinding effect. Huda beauty did a great video tutorial on her IG page, and definitely should take a look.  These instruction’s are on the flap so you will never loose it and it’s right there, so no excuse there. Let’s go through the 4 steps of 3D highlighter palette in gold sand edition. watermarked-IMG_3068

The first step is a creamy highlight in Fiji(best if you apply this with your finger, much better pay off) for prep. You can also just used Fiji as highlight and leave it at that, beautiful gold highlight for medium skin tone peeps out there.  Second step is to set creamy highlight with Seychelles which is powder highlight to bring pop to your highlight. Third step is sculpt with color Tahiti which you apply under cheekbones to define much like how you would do with a light contour. And fourth and last step is blush in a shade name Zanzibar for nice pink glow to your cheeks. It sounds a lot but it really takes a minute to go through steps to get a very defined popping highlight. I didn’t notice much fallout with powder highlights and each step can be used separately to highlight as you feel like and you still get good highlight; not necessarily need to use all 4 all the time you use this palette.

watermarked-IMG_3067The best thing about this highlighter palette is despite having multiple step it does not become patchy or cakey, everything blends into one another and to your skin to give you a binding glow. I do remember Huda mentioning that they used shea butter and crushed pearls to create these highlights which would explain the reasons these shades melt onto your skin literally. Also, another good and most important thing about this palette is that these shades do not highlight texture on your skin which was first for me and the biggest reason I have been reaching for this palette over and over to highlight. watermarked-IMG_3065 (2)Still learning to swatch, so please excuse the quality, they show up beautifully on face!

How does this product performs on skin? Like I mentioned it does not emphasize texture, has great lasting time on skin and does not fade away if you’re in hot environment and sweating a lot (did test in a event w/o AC for 4hrs in this hot weather). I would highly recommend this product for oily girls out there, who are looking for a highlight that won’t leave their face in hot mess!! This product is sold at Sephora for $45 and with taxes around 50$, this product is  priced fairly compared to other highlighting kits at market are sold for. Not to mention you get 4 highlights versus some other companies charge 20+$ for each highlight. Definitely a steal, if you can get your hands on it!

Until next time, makeup junkies, lot’s of love,



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