L’Oréal infallible Total Cover

Hi my fellow Makeup junkies!

I have had an opportunity to try  “L’Oréal infallible Total Cover Foundation” I was provided with free sample to try out this product; however my review is 100% honest and are not bias in any way, shape or form. Now that is out of the way, let’s get started with the review.

Firstly my skin is oily, especially around T-zone, I do have some dry patches and some texture around cheekbones because of the pores and occasional acne. I have been playing around with this foundation for last few weeks, trying to figure out best ways this foundation to work with my skin. I tried different styles of brushes from regular to oval style brushes, not the best  way to apply this foundation, leaves a lot of streak marks, tried different blenders; however the blender L’Oréal came out with this line is actually a perfect blender and tool to achieve a perfect flawless look(will be doing a separate review for that).

Right off the bat, this foundation is definitely high coverage and you really need a little bit of this product to cover the face. This foundation has a very creamy, almost mousse like texture. Good thing about this being full coverage is that you really don’t need a heavy concealing or color correcting to be done. I tried to do heavy coverage, with color correcting under base and then applying concealer and contour on top; however with this style of application my texture was really emphasized, it clinged onto my dry patches and made my face overall not so flawless. Then next time, I tried with just  priming my face with hydrating cream and then applied it with L’Oréal blender, this gave me a completely flawless and I loved how it made my skin look. It’s a semi-matte to matte finish not a natural finish like it claims. Also, noted after ~ 3-4hr my shine started to peek through and I had to blot my face. With blotting, it did remove some of the product around nose area and noted it started to cling to some dry patches here and there and max stay power was barely 8hrs for my skin.

Overall, I do like this product especially how my skin looked first few hours but not so much afterwards. I would not recommend this foundation to my oily skin peeps out there, this may work for peeps with normal to oily skin with prepping the skin appropriately. This foundation costs around 12.99 at Ulta.

Did it meet the claims:

Lightweight coverage ✅

covers blemishes, pigmentation, and scars ✅

24hr coverage ❌

Natural Finish ❌








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