Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

Hi makeup junkies,  so today I’m going to be talking about 1 Step Gel formula by Wet N Wild like the title post name suggests 🙂 If you ever wanted to get do gel nails done at home, without the kit and multiple different steps then this is for YOU!! All you need is your color from 1 Step Wonder gel line and apply 1-2 coats and you’re done.  The formula on these polishes is thick, surprisingly it dries down really quickly and you don’t have to worry about smudges. So for I have bought  “Taupe As A Joke” and “Lilac A Virgin”  I did apply top coat to bring in some extra shine and I used Wet N Wild “Hard as Ice” to keep it in same brand formula.

Now let’s get into how was the wear time,  I was actually quite surprised with performance of these gel nail polishes. Both wear well over 5-6 days without chipping and then after a week you start to notice some color fading at tips. These polishes saw some real tough time and constant hand washing and they survive through it. They don’t give you exact salon like gel results but close enough. You can buy these any of your local drugstore or online from Wet N Wild( get extra 10% off) for $4.99. These polishes are definitely a steal at this price!! If you do end up trying it or have tried them already, let me know what you thought of them.

Love Riya


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