Huda Beauty- Rose Gold Edition

Hey Everyone!




I have decided to start this blog by reviewing Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, Rose Gold Edition! Now I have had this palette for over 6 months or so and have had been using this palette extensively during this time.  Let’s get started, first of all this palette has 18 different shades, 6 textured shades, 2 shimmer and 10 matte shades.  This palette was over hyped because of those 6 metallic texture shades, and unique foil shadow formula.  Do they live upto the hype? ABSOLUTELY!! However, trick here is apply these foil shadows with your fingers only to get the best color payout or apply some water/fix plus(whatever you prefer) on a synthetic brush after you pick up the shade. With both these method, you end up with intense metallic look. Personally, I love to use shade Trust fund and Fling when I want my look to be the talk of the town!

  #Foil/Textured Shades

Next, lets go over shimmer shades, they do need some buildup if you’re applying it with brush, but once again if you spray your brush with fix plus you’re good to go! Especially Angelic it is such a unique color with hints of pink, gold and cooper! I have yet to find a shade that is similar to this one in market and not surprisingly this is one shade that I reach over and over and try to incorporate in my looks one way or another. Let’s just say it if tomorrow Huda came out with single pan for this one, I would be the first in line to buy it!!!


# Shimmer Shades

Moving along to matte shades, they do have some fallout initially but nothing major to put me off to use them. Your matte shade Bae, Sandalwood and Bossy are perfect shades to be used as base for long lasting eye look. One shade that I’m not fan is flamingo; requires quite a few strokes to pick up color and it’s the one that flaked the most in the palette due to which I don’t find myself reaching for this shade as much as would like to.



# Matte Shades

So what did I think of this palette overall? Does it live it upto the hype?? 

Yes it’s a great palette  that has mix of everything to help create day look, casual office look, and night out with friends! This is why when I travel, this is one and only go to palette. As much as like this palette, I certainly do think it’s pricey at $65 and had it been around $40-50 range I would be recommending to everybody. It does live up to the hype created around the foil shadows, as they do have unique payout but again certainly not to raised the price to $65. So if you like Huda Beauty, and want to splurge a little on your eyeshadow palette then this is definitely for you.



P.S Let me know how I did with this review, what I should change up next time and what other products you would like me to review.  Have a great day or night on depending what part of the world you’re.


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